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Besides a level and sturdy base, seal coating is the most important part of your driveway. A sealant maintains and protects your investment from environmental factors and everyday use.

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We offer a variety of coating, from water-based materials to oil-based sealants, so no matter where your driveway is located, we can apply the coating it needs to maintain its quality. Emge carefully and properly cleans your driveway’s surface before applying the coating, ensuring the product can deliver to its fullest potential and guaranteeing that you’ll be more than satisfied with your sealed drive for many years to come.

The service was professional from start to finish and the price was reasonable. Richard and his crew started the job on time and finished it faster than I had anticipated. I challenge anyone to find a local paving service that is willing to start working on a project as quickly as these guys.

Joslyn E.

Chesterfield, VA

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